25 Unique Primary Education Dissertation Ideas 2020

Primary education is the first step in formal education. Primary education has been a core element in primary and elementary level schools. As per the international standard classification of Education, necessary skills such as reading, writing, and teaching must be part of the curriculum.

With a strong foundation of these basics, students can progress better in their later years of education. Primary education is also a part of many universities’ degrees. The students studying these courses often dread the topic to choose for their thesis. This article comprises some unique ideas and topics that one can choose as their dissertation topic.

  1. Why are games important for primary students?
  2. What significant problems do educators face in primary schools?
  3. What is the significance of structured and unstructured play for primary school students?
  4. What may different limitations Montessori students face in primary schools?
  5. Which books are best for primary teachers and students to promote gender norms in primary schools?
  6. What different anxieties do parents face when sending their loved ones to the preschools?
  7. What benefits does homework have on primary school students?
  8. What is the importance of different audio-visual aids for the concept development in primary school students?
  9. What benefits do regular play breaks have on the primary students?
  10. How can a sense of belonging in the classrooms be improved?
  11. How does new technology impact primary students?
  12. What is the best age of the students to introduce them to the new technology?
  13. What are the different cognitive and social limitations faced by primary students while learning?
  14. In what different ways the students can be encouraged to use the technology for learning new things?
  15. What significance do electronic whiteboards have for the concept development of primary school students?
  16. What challenges do children of immigrants’ face when schooling in a different nation and culture?
  17. What role do parents have in promoting the moral values of primary school students?
  18. What is the role and importance of school leaders for the improvement and development of the learning experience of the students?
  19. How can mobile games be used to improve the reading, thinking and writing abilities of the primary school students?
  20. How can different education styles help improve the education and development of Montessori students?
  21. How the theory of multiple intelligences aid in the development of primary school students?
  22. What different challenges do educators have to overcome in the first five years of their job?
  23.  What is the importance of creating the best models relevant to the curriculum of the primary students?
  24. How can a university degree help educators excel in their primary school education career? 
  25. How can primary school students be taught to do what they love at an early age?

We hope the topics above can ease the dreadful task of choosing the right topic for your dissertation and make you pass with flying colours.