Economics Thesis Topics

Some of the students find the process of working on a thesis daunting. It can be because the process of choosing the topic of the thesis is extremely difficult. Economics is a subject that is broad enough to carry history, social studies, politics, and maths in it. It would help if you chose a topic that is not too narrow or too wide. The topics should not be too dull, or you will have difficulty writing about it. Some of the topics related to the economic thesis are mentioned below

Topics related to the bachelor’s thesis

It depends on the policy made by the university, but it is not quite common to work on a thesis at the bachelor’s level. Some of the topics related to the bachelor’s thesis are mentioned below:

  1. Explain the economic development of Nigeria because of its oil industry
  2. Are the customers affected by the advertisement and marketing of sports items?
  3. If you want to invest in Kenya, explain the economic opportunities that will welcome you, and the challenges that might change your mind.
  4. Is there an economic development taking place in Africa due to the tourism industry?
  5. How has globalization affected the overall business of the world?
  6. If you want to invest in Turkey, explain the risks that are associated with it.

Topics related to the master’s thesis

The topics that are the most suitable for the master’s thesis are mentioned below:

  1. How has the visual aid changed the method of teaching home economics?
  2. Explain the reasons and forces due to which the United States is facing socioeconomic disparities.
  3. Provide a comparison between international development and the economic growth
  4. Explain the economics that is associated with the renewable energy that is not produced by the sun.
  5. How are environmental products getting affected due to technological advances?
  6. Explain how the incentives are used in the field of behavioural economics

Topic related to the microeconomics

  1. Describe in detail the Russian energy market
  2. Is economic development affected by game theory?
  3. Provide a comparison between market equilibrium and minimum wage.
  4. Does a gender difference exist in the United State’s labour market? If so, then explain why?
  5. Are the prices of oil affected by economics?
  6. How is the Gini coefficient related to the Lorenz curve?

Topics related to the macroeconomics

  1. How are the demographic economies related to income dynamics?
  2. Why is there inflation in the United States, and what can be done to diminish its effect?
  3. What is the relationship between macroeconomics and the self-correction of the economy?
  4. Discuss Japan’s macroeconomics and the problems that it is facing.
  5. Explain the role of banks in the field of economics.
  6. Discuss the United Kingdom’s macroeconomics.


Therefore, while selecting a topic for the economics thesis, make sure that the topics are not too narrow or too broad. You will not be able to find good data if the topic is too narrow. Furthermore, choose an interesting topic, and carry out proper research on that topic before confirming it to be the topics of your thesis.